Collection: MESHTASTIC

### Meshtastic®: Revolutionizing Off-Grid Communication with LoRa Radios

**Meshtastic®** is an innovative project that leverages inexpensive LoRa radios to create a robust, long-range off-grid communication platform. Perfect for areas lacking reliable communication infrastructure, this community-driven, open-source project ensures that you stay connected even in the most remote locations.

#### Key Features:
- **Long Range Communication**: Achieve incredible distances, with a record of 254km set by kboxlabs.
- **Phone-Free Mesh Communication**: Communicate without the need for a phone.
- **Decentralized Network**: Operates without a dedicated router.
- **Encrypted Messages**: Ensure secure communication.
- **Extended Battery Life**: Reliable power for long-term use.
- **Text Messaging**: Send and receive texts within the mesh network.
- **Optional GPS Features**: Track and share locations.
- **And More!**

#### How It Works:
Meshtastic utilizes LoRa, a long-range radio protocol that is widely accessible and doesn't require additional licenses or certifications, unlike HAM radio operations. These radios are designed to rebroadcast received messages, creating a mesh network that ensures every group member, including those at the furthest distance, can receive messages. Depending on the settings, the Meshtastic mesh network can support up to 100 devices concurrently.

Additionally, Meshtastic radios can pair with a single phone, allowing friends and family to send messages directly to your specific radio. It's important to note that each device can support a connection from only one user at a time.

Explore the potential of Meshtastic and join a community dedicated to expanding the boundaries of off-grid communication!

These are easy to setup. Message us if you need help.