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Explosive Outdoor Sports Wild Tactical Water Bag Liner Large-caliber Water Bag

Explosive Outdoor Sports Wild Tactical Water Bag Liner Large-caliber Water Bag

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Product information:

Color: bag body (blue/military green) suction nozzle (blue) drinking pipe (transparent color/military green translucent) dust cover (blue/military green)
Material: bag body (food grade TPU) suction nozzle (food grade silicone) drinking water pipe (food grade PVC)
Capacity: 2.0L /2.5L/3.0L
Size: Bag body size: 180*390MM (width * length) 2.5L 188*470MM (width * length)
3.0L 188*520MM (width * length)
Drinking water pipe size: 100 cm water spout
Water bag film thickness: single layer 0.3 mm
Weight: 2.0L about 191g/piece, 2.5L about 196.9g/piece, 3.0L201.3g/piece

1. Environmental protection product, bag body made of TPU, PVC drinking water pipe.
2. The bag body is translucent and printed with a volume scale. With hanging ears, it can be used with back hanging. Foldable and easy to carry. The comprehensive usability is excellent.
4. Super large water inlet, the inner diameter of the water inlet is up to 100mm. In addition to the functions of easily putting ice cubes into the bag, the hand can be inserted into the bag to clean the inside of the water bag, and the bag can be easily grasped and turned over to thoroughly clean the water bag. In special circumstances, valuables such as mobile phones can also be loaded.
5. With imported 100cm high-elasticity soft water pipe (standard length 100cm) and a new type of water stop switch, the design of the straw can free your hands when drinking water, which is convenient for continuous exercise, cycling, etc.

[Usage]: After turning on the switch, just gently bite the mouthpiece, a refreshing spring will be injected into your mouth immediately after a breath, and the mouthpiece will automatically close when you release it, completely liberating your hands.
1: The lid is unscrewed in the opposite direction according to the instructions, and the forward direction is tightened. See the indication of the lid of the water bag for the starting position and tightening position.

2: Turn the faucet switch to ON to open and off to close. You need to bite the nozzle and suck it when you drink.

3: The threaded connection of the water pipe and the bag body, please align the thread and screw it to the end

4: Clean the water bag body and the drinking water spout before use
5: If you need to increase the water output, press the switch at the elbow interface of the faucet, and remove the suction nozzle to increase the water output.

5: When you stop using, please pour out the liquid in the water bag and wipe it clean before saving

6: Prevent sharp objects from scratching the bag body and causing water leakage

7: Keep it away from the sun, keep it away from the sun, the sealed storage effect is better

8: The rated water temperature is minus 20 to 50 degrees Celsius. Please do not install the water temperature that exceeds the temperature limit, and do not install beverages, beer and other flavored liquids to prevent the problem of difficult deodorization.

Packing list:

Portable water tank x1

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