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Long Life LED Salt Water Lamp Portable Camping Light

Long Life LED Salt Water Lamp Portable Camping Light

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LED Salt Water Emergency Lamp Waterproof Portable Camping Emergency Lamp Reusable Travel Supplies for Night Fishing Equipment
1. No charging required: This portable saltwater lantern is a perfect solution for emergency situations, camping trips, and outdoor lighting as it does not require any charging.
2. Easy to use: The saltwater lantern can be easily activated by adding salt and water, shaking, and flipping the switch. It's that simple!
3. Durable and long-lasting: With at least 200 hours of continuous use and up to 250 hours of intermittent use, this lantern is designed to withstand tough outdoor conditions and provide reliable performance.
4. Chemical-free and safe: Unlike traditional battery-powered lamps, this lantern contains no harmful chemicals or heavy metals. It's also safe to use indoors or outdoors, and in varying temperatures.
5. Eco-friendly: The saltwater lantern is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable batteries and other single-use lighting options. It can also be stored for up to 5 years with proper care and maintenance.

Material: ABS
Size: About 20x10cm/7.87x3.93inch
1. Open the top zipper seal.
2. Add 1 pack of salt (not included).
3. Add water to the water level line
4. Seal the zipper and gently shake it.
5. Wait for 2 minutes, then press the switch and the light will stay on for a long time.
6. Press the switch again and the light flashes to enter the SOS state
7. Press the switch again and the light goes out
1. There are no requirements for water quality or salt purity. Any water can be used. Even if seawater or urine is added (even without salt), it can still be used. However, the light will be brighter after adding salt.
2. The lamp does not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metal pollution. Please note that the liquid inside the lamp is not drinkable. If the liquid accidentally comes into contact with the eyes, immediately rinse the eyes with plenty of water. Please keep this product away from children!
3. The lamp can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be used normally at temperatures above 14F (-10 ° C).
4. To avoid leakage, always turn the lamp face up after adding water and do not invert it!
5. When the lamp is not in use, please pour out the liquid from the bag, rinse with water, and let it dry for storage.
6. The salt water lamp should be used continuously for at least 200 hours, and intermittently for up to 250 hours. If there is salt water in the bag, it should be stored for up to 10 days. Alternatively, pour out salt water, rinse the inside of the bag with clean water and let it dry for a longer storage period (up to 5 years).
7. If you need to reuse it, please follow the above steps.

1 x Salt Water Emergency Lamp 

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