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Solar Water Fountain

Solar Water Fountain

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Elevate your garden or outdoor decor with our Solar Water Fountain, the perfect addition to enhance your outdoor space. Crafted with premium ABS+PET material and featuring a high-efficiency solar panel, this fountain combines durability with eco-friendly functionality.

Key Features:

High-Quality Construction: Made of durable ABS+PET material, ensuring longevity and resilience against outdoor elements.

Efficient Solar Panel: The high-efficiency solar panel harnesses solar energy to power the fountain, making it environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Charming Design: With its cute and floating style, this fountain adds a touch of charm and elegance to any garden or outdoor setting.

Powerful Performance: The maximum pump flow of 190L/h and maximum water height of 0-60cm ensure a steady and soothing water flow for a serene ambiance.

Transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis with our Solar Water Fountain. Enjoy the beauty and serenity of flowing water while knowing you're making a sustainable choice for your garden decor.

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