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TIKTOK Shops Wireless Solar Power Bank

TIKTOK Shops Wireless Solar Power Bank

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Never Run Out of Power with the Wireless Solar Power Bank 

Stay charged and connected wherever you go with this innovative wireless solar power bank. Harness the sun's energy for continuous power supply, ensuring your devices stay powered up without interruption.

Efficient Charging On-the-Go Experience effortless charging on-the-go with this solar power bank. Its high-capacity battery stores ample power to recharge your devices multiple times, keeping you productive and connected throughout your day.

Versatile and Reliable Power Solution Enjoy versatile charging options with this wireless solar power bank. Charge your devices wirelessly or via USB, offering flexibility and convenience whether you're outdoors, traveling, or during emergencies.

Durable Design Built for Adventure Embrace rugged durability with this solar power bank designed for adventurers. Its robust construction withstands harsh conditions, making it the perfect companion for camping, hiking, or any outdoor expedition where reliable power is essential.

Battery Type: Li-polymer BatteryFeatures: Digital DisplayFeatures: With LED Lamp Output Interface: LIGHTNING Output Interface: USB-A Output Interface: USB-Type C Input Interface: Micro USB Input Interface: USB Type C Input Interface: Lighting Shell Material: Plastic Type: Portable Power Bank Support Quick Charge Technology: Two-way Quick Charge Max Input: 10WPower capacity: 30000mAh

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